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Online Dating Tips for Introverts

Online Dating Tips for Introverts

online dating tips

Online dating may seem to have been specially invented for introverts – those people who dread going out to meet people. But even online dating can present some challenges for introverts, and there are some ways to take the pressure off.

Many introverts are great when expressing themselves in writing, but lack the confidence to do so in person. That’s where online dating can come in handy to create a somewhat active social life without the hassle of going to parties, bars, etc.

In fact, most introverts much prefer getting to know others by way of writing rather than speaking face to face. They tend to be great at reading between the lines. But even online dating has its trials and tribulations.

To begin with, you should choose a dating site that you feel comfortable with.

It might cost a bit more to join, but you usually get the quality you pay for. A cheap site might not be the best one for you — experiment for a while before baring your complete profile.

Try not to be too specific when it comes to your profile information.

That said – reveal some interesting things about yourself rather than the same old – like walks on the beach. Maybe you enjoy skydiving or traveling to the islands. Make it interesting.

After you choose a dating site, take a close look at who’s out there.

Online Dating Tips

Look for profiles that draw you in. Be very selective in the process and immediately cull out those profiles that really turn you off such as party-goers and sports fanatics (if that doesn’t appeal to you).

Although introverts notoriously love to communicate in writing rather than in person, you’ll eventually feel enough chemistry that you’ll want to meet a person. Hopefully, you’ll feel comfortable with the meeting if you’ve spent some time online.

Choose a one-on-one meeting at a place where you are engaged in an activity, but still have time and solitude to chat. This is the time when introverts can make great impressions – engaging in real conversation.

Planning an activity for the first meeting is good because you don’t have to feel so much pressure to converse. And dress comfortably in clothes you feel good wearing. The worst thing possible is to dress in too-tight clothing or shoes that are killing your feet.

Online dating seems to have been created for introverts.

Those who prefer their own company rather than going to parties and bars to meet others can take full advantage of online dating sites to become proactive in meeting people rather than waiting for someone to drop magically into their lives.

Although online dating success may take a while, be patient and don’t rush into something that might not be the best situation for you. If you get tired of the process, take a break for a while – then, try again.

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