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Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Is it an excellent decision to date and marry a Filipina girl? This article will shed light on the reasons and advantages of the increasing popularity of girls from Asia, especially the Philippines.

The Stigma of Foreign Men Marrying Filipina Wives

Filipinas Marrying Foreigners are Gold Diggers

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

In some, if not many cases, this is true. Never mind if the guy is nasty as long as he has a fat bank account that can support her AND her immediate family. I think that’s where much of the stigma lies. This is a not very good feature of Filipino culture wherein many families, the children, especially the eldest, are expected to provide for their parents and even down to nieces and nephews if circumstances do not enable the parents to do so. Therefore, for a lot of Filipinas from impoverished families, a foreign husband and a well-off man at that, is a jackpot. Not a good scenario.

They Don’t Have Their Own Opinion

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

If you meet a Filipina woman online, and you find everything you asked is a yes, you should think twice. Does she have the same opinion on every issue that you do? What kind of movies do you like and the answer is whatever kind YOU want? Her favorite food is your favorite food? At first your like wow, that’s great but then after a while, it starts to seem like she has no opinions of her own. This generally means she’s trying to make you happy and make you think she will be the right partner. That’s bad because it’s not honest; maybe you THINK she will do the same hobbies and sports as you but in reality, after a few half-hearted attempts, she will not really want to anymore.

They Only Use You for Green Card

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

They just want to go to the US or anywhere you are because they want to escape their poor country. A sign of this is they want to have a baby with you on the first or second date. They will use sex, the submissive role and say whatever you would love to hear. They want to get married right away.

Tips If You Will Visit Your Filipina Girlfriend in the Philippines

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Tip #1

Filipinos are still non-confrontational. Honesty will not be appreciated. People will not say any outright, but a lukewarm yes is equivalent to a no.


Tip #2

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

If your girlfriend’s relatives ask you to drink, you shouldn’t say no. But if you are not a drinker, or you’re driving, you can say no, but you should offer to buy a round of drinks to get away from it.


Tip #3

A lot of people are amicable. Lots of people will say hi. Just greet them back. It doesn’t have to be super personal. They just wish you a good day. Everyone does that.


Tip #4

Learn a word or two, or more. When in a locale, try to speak the vernacular of the locals. People appreciate you learning the local language. That would be Tagalog in Manila, Kapampangan, in Pampanga.


Tip #5

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Tips are not expected.


Tip #6

Never drink the tap water. Always ask for bottled water and wipe the drinking surface often before drinking. Each Philippine locale has its own bacterial flora, and you WILL get gastroenteritis if you get into the middle of that germ war. By and large, Filipinos have the antibodies to deal with it. You won’t. Don’t risk it.


Tip #7

When in a cab, ALWAYS ask for the meter to be turned on, or download Grab (Philippine version of Uber) and use it instead. It’s safer than the local taxis.


Tip #8


Let your Filipina girlfriend do all the talking, if possible.


Tip #9

Keep your belongings close to you. There are lots of pickpockets and thieves even in the most developed areas.


Tip #10

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Let your banks know. You might want to let your bank know and any credit cards that you will be traveling to the Philippines and return approximately whenever.  As you probably will need cash eventually and ATMs are everywhere.  But your bank or card might put a stop of any transaction if they suspect theft or other.


Tip #11

Do try to convert at least USD 500 into pesos at the airport.  Always be cautious and don’t trust anyone when it comes to money issues.   You can also visit the U.S. Embassy website and enter your passport and address you’ll be staying in the Philippines.  No biggie, but again to be cautious.


Tip #12

Try local foods. We have a large variety of food your American stomach might find… bizarre. Filipino street food tops the list, but you’ll find a good deal (including variants of said street food) if you go out with the girlfriend (and her friends) in our many bars. Also, try “sisig” and “kakanin”. Early mornings are best with taho (a form of soya food. Yes, it’s food, not a drink) and the combo of tuyo (dried fish), sinangag (fried rice. Best with loads of garlic) and tomato on the side. Wash it all down with kape barako, which is Liberica coffee (not Arabica or Robusta). Eat adobo, kare-kare, lechon. Try as much as Filipino food as you can. Lastly, try balut for your legit Philippines experience.


Tips #13

Filipinos are too hospitable. Be ready for personal questions though, might be odd for you, but its normal for Filipinos, such as your age, your job, your mom’s age, your mom’s job, your childhood, your address.


Tips #14

Filipino phrases should always come in handy.

Salamat po. – Thank you.

Opo. – Yes.

Hindi po. – No.


Tip #15

Every cities and municipality here in the Philippines have their own product that originated from or improved by them that they are proud of. Make sure to buy some to be more indulged with the culture.


Tip #16

Avoid city centers as they are crowded and not really nice to do.


Tip #17

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Try not to take public transportation during long trips unless it’s a deluxe airconditioned bus.


Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife/Girlfriend and Why Do Foreign Men Generally Like Them

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Generally, Filipinas make excellent wives, being both goods in the kitchen and in cleaning the house. If you acquaint yourself with their marriage culture, you’ll find that they insist on being a devoted wife and mother. Instead of hiring a nanny or housekeeper, they prefer to handle household responsibilities themselves, especially if they’re planning on having a family. It’s important to them that children be raised under the love and care of their own parents. Plus, they also love to cook – another thing to look forward to in a Filipino wife!

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

As partners, Filipinas are very sweet and loving, which based on observation, is something that other foreign women seem to lack. She is also the fiercest human you could ever encounter when pissed.

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Filipinas are considered to be exotic beauties, so foreigners generally find our women to be very beautiful.

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Filipinas are faithful and loyal. You’ll be happy to know that Filipinas always stay faithful and loyal to their partners. They will commit to loving you through whatever struggles you encounter in life, reminding themselves of the reasons they chose to be with you in the first place. That’s why most relationships with Filipino women are long term, with some that even transitioned to a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Love and compassion are part of who they are. Filipino culture plays a role in how women in the Philippines have developed loving and compassionate personalities. They’re always sincere whenever they love someone and use it as a drive to live a happy life. Having someone like that as a wife is sure to bring sunshine to your life every day, wouldn’t you agree?

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

Family means everything to them. As you learn more about Filipino women, you’ll find that they have strong family values because of how much the concept of family means to them. Due to religious influences, they’ve learned to nurture and maintain healthy relationships with family and loved ones, an incredibly noteworthy trait to have in a loving wife.

Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

They value your happiness. Just imagine how heartwarming it would be to have a partner who not only values your happiness but also lets you know and feel that it matters to them. Filipino women love to make their partner happy even in the simplest of gestures. Through love and romance, they will never run out of ways to show you just how much they care for you.



Advantages of Having a Filipina Wife

You should not judge and criticize based on what you hear from others. Not all Filipina are gold diggers or just want to get rich; that’s why they would like to marry foreigners. In fact, if you search on the internet, there are many successful relationships between foreign men and Filipina women and most of them met online. All women are individuals. Do not depend on preconceived stereotypes. Dig deeper & meet them in person. Be observant.





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