Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning: Involve Others and Let Them Help You

Wedding Planning: Involving Others and Letting Them Help You

Getting Help from Others

As part of your wedding plan, you need to consider your financial position. Whether you can afford the particular wedding that you anticipate having or not.

If other people are helping with finances such as your parents—you need to consider what they can afford. Consider if whether it will create undue stress on their finances.

It is possible to have a pleased and memorable wedding without overextending your finances. You might need to change your plans accordingly to do so.

You and your partner need to discuss all aspects of the wedding and the costs involved. Then, consider the amount of money that you have available to cover these costs.

By overextending on the wedding itself, you could be reducing the opportunity to have a more expensive and pleasurable honeymoon. This needs to be taken into account to determine which of these two choices are the most important to you and your partner rather than what you believe is important to everybody else.

Create a list of wants and needs.

Then work out the cost of these so you can prioritize which of them are essential to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

By taking the time to get costs and compare them from various places, including everything from the wedding venue to minor expenses such as hiring suits, buying flowers, buying the wedding cake and so on you can save yourself a considerable amount of money that can be spent on other things that are equally important.

You also need to consider that quite often, expenditure runs a little higher than anticipated as last-minute changes or additional expenses can occur.

If other people offer help in any way provided it doesn’t infringe on your wedding plans, it is well worth accepting this help to reduce any financial or other stress before the day.

You will often find that family and friends are only too willing to help as people like to get involved in other people’s happy occasions.  Once again, remember that you are in control and only accept the help that will be beneficial to you.

Keep it Simple to Reduce Costs

Involving others in wedding planning

It is possible to have a perfectly good wedding without all the additional frills and expenses that go with a traditional wedding even to the extent that you might decide to not have any bridesmaids, or the best man, flower girls or other members of the wedding party.

While people traditionally have other members of the wedding party it is not essential, and a lot more people are choosing not to have them these days simply to reduce the expense that is involved.

Any additional features that you have in your wedding will involve more expenditure such as flowers and dresses for the bridesmaids and flower girls and the hiring of suits and shoes for the best man and other men in the bridal party.

If you’re working to a budget you should also consider reducing the number of people that you invite to your wedding and don’t feel obliged to invite people who you haven’t contacted for some time as obviously if these people were important to you, you would have made more contact with them over last months or years.

Having a theme wedding can also add costs as all aspects of the wedding will need to tie in with that theme from the clothing to the decoration and even down to the invitation cards.

There is usually a lot of more work and planning involved with a theme wedding, so if you’re working on a budget, you need to consider whether this is an important aspect of your wedding not.

One benefit of reducing the costs in other areas of the wedding preparations is you will have more money to spend on yourself and your partner and as you two are the whole focus of the wedding that might be a better use of your time and money.

Getting Others Involved

Involving others in wedding planning

Your engagement period gives you time to plan everything necessary for the wedding to run smoothly on the day and also the preparation of the honeymoon afterward.

It gives you time to make decisions together to determine exactly what you want while making sure that you’re both in agreement on all aspects of the wedding and honeymoon as it is a time of sharing for both of you.

In planning your wedding, you need to understand that it is your special day for you and your partner. Nothing else should influence your decisions in making it your day.

While other people might like to get involved, you need to control the planning details completely. It is to ensure that you are not being influenced by other people. This is a day that needs to be remembered by you and your partner for life. You want to remember it as a day when everything went your way.

While it is good to get family and friends involved, they need to understand that their involvement is only welcome if they know that you are in control of the planning process.

As it is your wedding, things need to be done your way whether other people like it or not.

This can all be done in a friendly and helpful manner. Once family and friends understand this they should be only too willing to help out and make the day go a lot smoother and happier for everyone involved.

By giving friends and family-specific tasks they will feel as though they are part of the planning process. Most people like to get involved.

They will also be helping you with some of the workloads. Doing the whole process of planning should become a lot easier, and the result should be a lot happier and stress-free wedding day.

Dealing with Concerns before the Big Day

Involving others in wedding planning

If you have any concerns about any aspects of the wedding then you should be discussing it with your partner well before the wedding day.

It is not often for most people that everything goes 100% smoothly when preparing for the wedding. Unless you can communicate any differences of opinion during this stage, then there are likely to be problems later in your married life. Now is the right time to discuss any concerns that might be distressing you.

Planning a wedding often brings out areas that need discussing with your partner. More often than not, these areas are concerned with either partner’s friends and family.

While it might seem to be a common form of a joke, in reality, the in-laws often cause the most problems with couples. The best solution is to generally allow each partner to deal with their parents to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you aren’t happy with how this is handled, then discuss it with your partner.

Expect the support that you should be getting at this stage to ensure that you will still be getting that sort of support after you are married.

Sometimes you will find that partners have various issues with each other’s friends. These also need to be resolved where possible to ensure that you will support one another first and foremost.

If either partner has friends that will be in attendance at the wedding that are a cause for concern for the other partner then get the problem solved as soon as possible. If necessary decide whether or not anybody who could cause trouble should be invited to the wedding or be left off the list.

Sometimes these are tough decisions, but they have to be made, and the sooner, the better.  You don’t want to allow anything to deter from your happiness on your wedding day.

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