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Maui: A Tropical Wedding Paradise

Tropical Wedding Paradise

Maui Hawaii: A Tropical Wedding Paradise for Your Wedding

By Honey B. Wackx

Its hard to believe but, planning a wedding in Maui can cost less than you think. You can have a Tropical Wedding Paradise in Maui Hawaii if you plan it that way.

Tropical Wedding Paradise

Do so and you can now revive that once planned fantasy of getting married in an island paradise. Turn your thoughts of “that’s just too expensive for us” back into reality for the best time of your life.

Many couples are choosing the picturesque landscape of Maui for the place they want to exchange their vows. What could be more perfect? With traditional weddings costing in excess of $30,000 or more, couples are turning to the most romantic tropical paradise to begin their lives together.

It doesn’t take such a huge amount for a wedding if you have a nice intimate ceremony in Maui without all the expensive frills.

If you’re not yet married and plan on eventually tying the knot, how about taking your first trip together to Maui to get married. Get married and get away alone to an island paradise. Many wish to see the islands, but haven’t made it there yet. But you can if you don’t require a full blown wedding ceremony with all your family and friends.


Don’t let Wedding Costs get Out of Hand

During the planning of any wedding, couples know that their dream wedding can get out of hand quite quickly. Sometimes, it no longer becomes the dream of the bride and groom. But the dream of their family and relatives. I’m sure this happens all too often. Sometimes the reality of the extravagant costs overshadows the wedding itself for some couples.

The expected “larger than life” wedding can be a huge money drain for those who cannot afford it. This can become quite frustrating to any couple concerned about such expenses. Once the astronomical expenses are totaled up, your happy and most important day could easily become a nightmare.

Your wedding can be as intimate or extravagant as you want it to be. Hawaiians pride themselves on making certain that every single need you may have on your stay is accounted for. Wedding planners are abundant in Maui. They can assist in all of your planning needs.

Because you are in Hawaii, included in all wedding ceremonies is also the exchanging of lei’s. It is just one more unique and memorable trinket that you will have to treasure for years to come.


Tropical Wedding Paradise

Consider a Modest and Less Expensive Wedding

A fairy tale wedding fit for a princess can be arranged if that is to your liking. But we’re emphasizing a more modest and less expensive wedding. You can, however, spend as much money as you feel comfortable with. If money is of little or no concern imagine a wedding with a traditional Hawaiian flare.

Pamper yourself the day before your wedding. Then indulge in a Lomi Lomi massage, a pedicure, facial, and a manicure right in your hotel suite.

A wedding, your wedding, can be a lifetime memory. You and your lifetime partner stand side by side on the shoreline of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It can take place in Maui Hawaii. Holding hands, the warm wind gently blowing.

You both look handsome and beautiful respectively. That is as you should. For that is the paradise many wish to visit and start there sharing your life together.

You could have your family and friends of your choice there. They can witness this once in a lifetime event should you so choose. However, that could boost the cost considerably. You are surrounded by hula dancers, torch carriers, and conch shell blowers. There is also a Hawaiian singer performing the Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Distinct and fragrant flowers line your path. You exchange your wedding vows, your rings, and the traditional lei exchange. Your picture perfect ceremony can end with the two of you releasing doves into the air. Or instead butterflies as a symbol of unity.


Tropical Wedding Paradise

Your Tropical Wedding Paradise Reception Choices are Important

Your reception can be as big or as small, as elegant or as private as you would like for it to be. You could splurge for a private ocean side dinner for both of you or an elegant reception at a restaurant or even in the resort facilities. The choice is yours. You also have the choice to rent or bring your wedding attire with you.

Even though you are in a well known Island paradise you can still have a reasonable priced wedding. You do, however, have to plan it that way. If simple is what you are looking for you can have a simple ceremony and spend the rest of your time sunning on the beach or in your private room, undisturbed.

After the wedding is over and the reception, if you choose to have one, is a fresh memory, you can settle down for the remaining days of your stay. Or alternately, you can take in as many of the sights as you can before leaving that Pacific Island paradise.

Take the time to consider the Maui marriage experience and who knows you may be there one day as a star in your own wedding.

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